Collage Notes From Josh Goldberg

Following are notes from Josh Goldberg’s collage workshop.

Collage – Seeks interesting effects

True collage – Seeks poetic ignitions, lends itself to randomness, displacement and faith in chance. The intention of true collage is the disruption of the artist’s patterns, the dislocation of the artist’s image, the deconstruction of the artist’s style, and the transgression of the logic and common sense of the artist.

True collage goes against predictability. True collage must be spontaneous. True collage pulls differing realities and combines them into another reality. True collage is a revelation through a series of profound encounters. Reliance on technique does not create good collage. Restoring alchemy to the art of collage allows for the transmutation of the base materials you choose. For true collage to assert itself, you have to overthrow the habit of the past experience of art making. You must court, nay nurture, chaos. True collage is freer from control, not less free. Composition in collage does not begin in the middle; it starts from one direction while approaching the center from another direction. True collage is something unforeseeable and unanticipated. Therefore, it captures something of the unknown. In true collage all literal meaning is suppressed. True collage making is a form of automatic creation where the sudden revelation of marvelous or convulsive images and metaphors mark the consent of things chosen.

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