Seven Vitalities for Full-Function Painting

1. Allow the brush to “wander” without conclusion above the realm of conventional judgments & practices.

2. Critique your thinking in terms of “good” & “bad,” “right & “wrong,” “success” & “failure”.

3. Nurture the “knack” of painting spontaneously, remembering not to force spontaneous action. It has to be “self-so” (to occur on its own).

4. Nurture doubt until you are emptied of any habitual action and are forced to start “afresh”. In this space of “loss” look for signs of new creative strategies.

5. Recognize Presence in the resolution of the painting.

6. Reconcile the loss of the painting – no matter how many times it may happen- with the joy of beginning again.

7. Respond to others about your painting with equanimity.

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