The Painter’s Path is Nothing Special

Create: then disown.
Theo. Roethke

Painting is so close, so personal, so immediate, and so ordinary.

You treat painting as something special.
The painter on the Painter’s Path treats painting as nothing special.

The painter on the Painter’s Path is softly mindful of process, has a smooth open way of observation.

Ordinary painting, natural painting, is the Way of Painting.
The trick is to be wholly empty while remaining receptive
to the concrete experience of painting.

Being fully present while painting is meaning enough; being wholly absent provides the receptivity that brings it to fruition.

The true nature of the painter’s process is ordinariness.
You may frown at this because you wish to be extraordinary.

But I say being ordinary is to live your life and your art with unassuming grace, quiet humility, and unrestricted elegance.

You have grounded the fullness of human experience when you accept ordinary painting as we are discussing. In this balanced condition the necessities of painting are quite enough.

It is the ordinary resurrections that define your painting.

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