Wandering at Ease

Full function painting depends upon self-disclosure.

Self-disclosure is working with an authenticity, a genuineness. It is working from the ongoing “field” of your experience.

The “field” is also your canvas. It is the environment that you have placed yourself in.

The “focus” is the particular way you paint in this field. It is what you see and place within this environment.

To be an authentic painter one must first be an authentic person. This is being a “virtuous” (focused) painter. Move efficaciously and without obstruction through your field.

Understanding “this” and “not this” and understanding “this” and “that” is to pick up the rhythm of change that a painting naturally undergoes. This is to be the axis of the work.

Reconciling opposites resolves the work. This is called the “breadth” of a work.

A work having “breadth” subsumes the trivialities and the narrowness in the work. It is also called “hiding the painting within the painting” (integration).

To identify with the process one must paint with non-assertive action. This is true spontaneity. True spontaneity is free of attachment to “good” or “bad”, “success” or “failure”. To be truly spontaneous is to be flexible. To be flexible is to flow with the action of the paint.

Finish your work with the same “care” you took in the beginning and you will avoid “ruining” it.

There must be a relaxation of conventional values and judgments regarding your work.

Develop acuity – a keenness of vision. This alone will prepare you for a new vision of painting and a new method of working.

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